Why ​is Chinese cuisine popular across the globe?


No matter where you go, you will find a Chinese restaurant almost everywhere. Chinese food has become one of 6 most popular cuisines across the globe.

But why Chinese?

It sounds too peculiar – Chinese eat almost everything that moves, and give their dished strange names. Moreover, there are very many delicious dishes in other cuisines.

Maybe you will be surprised, but Chinese cuisine has more than 5000 recipes for various dishes. Cooking food in China is believed to be a real art.

There are very many traditions, connected with food there, like the Chinese New Year. It’s one of the oldest cuisines – exists for more than 3000 years: chiefs’ skills were very valuable.

There were strong demands: the food should have been not only delicious but also healthy and even healing. It must look attractively: they believe that “the first bite is with the eyes”, so food decoration is really important.

Among Chinese people there are almost no fat ones; although they at much, their food is low in calories, very healthy and has a great nutritious value. It’s remarkable that Chinese people don’t count calories and eat slowly.

Chinese don’t like to waste – they even chop bones and serve whole animals. Bone broth is very popular.

The Chinese cuisine differs from others with loads of meat, poultry, noodles, eggs, seafood, tofu (soy protein) and fruit. Rice may be served with any dish and is usually eaten several times a day. Vegetables play a central role in their cooking, too: they really use huge quantities of vegetables.

The chiefs of this country like to combine sweet with sour, salty with bitter, tasteless with spicy, so every dish becomes unique. Chinese cuisine is world’s biggest variety of flavor. A famous saying that “There is no bad food, there can be bad chiefs” came from China.

For Chinese people it’s very important that their food is with a good flavor, looks attractively and with a nice smell. They put a special philosophy in a food cult, and believe that food can develop the taste and the food culture.
They try to make the balance between Yin and Yang (cold and hot) types in their food. Chinese culture is built on a foundation of balance, harmony, and contrast, so it has their elements in Chinese cuisine too.

All of their dishes are suitable for many occasions; Chinese food also works on takeaway or delivery choices, there are plenty of Vegetarian dishes too.

Chinese food helps much if you try to loose some weight or just prefer a healthy diet – it keeps you fit.

The most popular dishes across the globe are: sweet and sour pork, spring rolls, fried rice with eggs, pecking duck, dumplings, lemon chicken; among beverages, the most widened are green tea, wine or beer.

The cuisine is really very unique in flavor, so if try it once, you will love it forever.

Here are some nice recipes of recommended Chinese dishes.

Share ur view in comments: What is your favorite Chinese dish? Which cuisine do you like most of all?

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