​Bracelets nails – a fresh trend which looks gorgeous


A new progressive point in the beauty industry came from Korea: bracelets nails have recently become a very gorgeous and fashionable choice in manicure.

Have you already heard of them?

One of the most famous nail-masters Eun Kyung Park is obsessed with the fresh prettiest idea, which can be found in Instagram on the hashtag #braceletnails.

This kind of a new nail-art design reminds small bracelets and looks stylish, cute and delicate.

How has it started?

Eun Kyung Park was inspired by “friendship bracelets” which girls usually wear – thin decorations with stresses and threads. It looks attractive!
Colorful threads, decorated with bright beads, metallic half-rings, strasses and golden rings, rhinestones and real metal charms, –  everything that we like to wear on our fingers and wrists, – she transferred them to the nails.

The minimalistic version of such a manicure is threaded without decorations, clean-cut, geometric patterns. So just use your imagination and look through some trendy ideas in Instagram: match different colors and create a unique design.

Some lines are clean and narrow polish stripes, others are actual pieces of string, maybe textured gold. Use nail glue and a thin needle to make everything accurate. The main point is in your decorations, so you may choose bright colors for them without hesitation. The most popular are horseshoes, stars and triangles.

A black and white solution also looks very stylish. Design a unique image for every finger, but don’t forget about chosen concept. Make experiments with different shapes – rounded and oval, triangle and square.

A right design can make even short nails look longer and more narrow, so think for a place of your decorations on every nail.

The ornament of bracelets nails looks perfect on nail polishes of any colors, but better to use the background of light tones or even limped polish.

Korean beauty blogger Alicia Yoon was one of the first to try the bracelets nails, and she uploaded a pic of a set of crystal-encrusted nails onto her Instagram page.

Explaining that the trend started in Seoul, she said that that bracelets nails are both a real fun, and very detailed:

‘It’s an interesting look because she [the nail artist at the nail salon, Unistella] uses real string and it looks like it’s actually wrapped around your nail,’ she added.

It takes 2 – 2,5 hours to create such a design. Anyway, it’s fun and looks beautiful in comparison with other micro-styles.

Bracelets nails are very photogenic, so don’t forget to upload your beautiful hands’ pic in Instagram – everyone will love the sophisticated bracelets on your nails. And here are thousands of snaps that have been posted by other people on Instagram, so there you can easily inspire by new looks and ways of the bracelets’ techniques.
Usual manicure polishing is boring, so get the bracelets nails on your nails, and you will be the trendiest girl in the party.

Share ur view in comments: What do you think of bracelets nails’ trend? What is your best item or style in manicure?

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